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Financial Insights and Zeitgeist Communication join forces to help Cumbrian businesses into recovery

Financial Insights and Zeitgeist Communication join forces to help Cumbrian businesses and entrepreneurs into recovery

The business consultancies, Kirsten Prosser Financial Insights Ltd and Zeitgeist Communication Ltd (both BECBC members), have joined forces to launch a unique business advisory service and optimisation platform designed to help Cumbrian businesses cut through long processes and red tape and move their businesses forward through COVID-19 with clarity and confidence.

The joint service will give SMEs access to corporate-level financial, marketing and business strategy insights and tools as well as Non-Executive Director-level advisory. The consultancies will offer the service at a reduced rate until the end of September as a means of supporting the local recovery effort.

“It is fantastic to see the two Cumbria-based businesses, Financial Insights and Zeitgeist Communication, pool their expertise and collaborate. It is this kind of entrepreneurial spirit and forward thinking, which will help businesses move forward.” Miranda Kirschel, Head of Business and Innovation, Cumbria Local Enterprise Partnership

Businesses will gain access to their own online digital business optimisation dashboard across the key 5 pillars of a healthy business as well as clear strategic business and marketing planning next steps.

“In times of crisis such as the current one, leaders are stretched on all sides. They need to make changes on a daily basis and plan for a multitude of scenarios. This is where we can help. We have cut through the complexity and developed a straightforward approach to help businesses gain the clarity and confidence they need to effectively plan for the future.” explains Jutta Devenish, Managing Director of the Keswick-based Strategy and Communications Consultancy, Zeitgeist Communication.

“We work with business leaders who are ready to move forward now and know that the keys to recovery are sound finances, clear marketing strategies and resilient and agile business models and teams.

It is important to us that businesses have access to truly professional, independent advice and that they can pick up the phone and talk to us as an extended part of their leadership team. Business is all about people and in times like these it is important that we all work together.” Kirsten Prosser, Director of the West Cumbria-based Decision Analysis and Business Planning Consultancy, Financial Insights.

Both Jutta Devenish and Kirsten Prosser have a track-record of more than 25 years’ experience working with Fortune 500 companies, public sector organisations and SMEs. Jutta has worked across B2B, B2C, charity and educational sectors, is a member of the Institute of Directors and the Chartered Institute of Public Relations and a lecturer on the Senior Leadership Development MBA Course of the University of Cumbria and BAE Systems. Kirsten is a Chartered Global Management Accountant, qualified Member in Practice and APMG approved Better Business Case Practitioner, having worked in commercial finance roles and as a consultant with both large private and public sector organisations and SMEs, across a wide range of sectors.

The consultancies will offer their joint service under the initials BGC (Business Growth Consultants).

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