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Sustainability Summit 2021

First three-day event dedicated to creating Cumbria’s Sustainable Future

Creating Cumbria’s Sustainable Future is a three-day virtual event focused on the promotion of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Between the 23 and 25 February delegates will hear from a range of speakers as well as have the opportunity to take part in facilitated discussions on the challenges Cumbria and the wider region faces.

Young people of Cumbria will hear about topical issues and will be able to contribute to the conversation on what the region can do to move forward and meet its sustainable development goals. This event is being run as a collaboration between the Sellafield Ltd Next Generation Executive, Cumbria Local Enterprise Partnership (CLEP) Futures Forum, Britain’s Energy Coast Business Cluster (BECBC) Shadow Board and the Centre for Leadership Performance.

BECBC Shadow Board Chair, Jason Savage, said: “This work matters since change will happen, regardless. This event and ongoing conversations will allow us to influence decisions and work collectively to further the SDGs. Events like this already exist across the world - so let’s be part of the conversation”.

Sustainability of business and the impact on the environment is becoming a key conversation for business leaders.

Environment Safety and Security Director at Sellafield Ltd Mark Neate said: “This event is absolutely what this region needs right now. It is about foresight, about thinking ahead and collaborating on our future both today and tomorrow. The UN Sustainable Development Goals are global, they matter and they must matter to Cumbria. We must put the future of our environment at the top of our priorities, each and every one of us can and should be part of it.”

For more details and to register for the event click here