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Future Relationship with the European Union - Highlights for BECBC Members

Following meetings on the 30-12-20 with the Department for International Trade, the BECBC team has provided signposts on the Trade and Cooperation Agreement, ahead of the changes coming into effect.

UK-EU Trade and Cooperation Agreement - Summary Explainer

Document in Full and Points of Interest

In BECBC we carry our glasses more than half full, no matter where you voted on the UK's relationship with the EU, here we are at the end of this turbulent year with a new agreement, delivered at pace like almost everything else in 2020. Many if not all of our members are affected by the new conditions set out in the agreement, whether through import / export, sector regimes or access to labour- to this end we were grateful to receive a direct update from the Department for International Trade.

Many if not all BECBC members will already be all over the detail, but for those who took a richly deserved festive break, this summary explainer is a good place to start:

Beyond what you've already picked up in the news, areas of interest, might include:

VI: Public Procurement - 'the UK can maintain a separate and independent procurement regime and will enable the Government to enact reform of our system', taken alongside separate reforms relating to public procurement and social value, this could be a game changer and one to follow as well as take any opportunity to influence.

VII: Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SME's) - 'the Agreement also establishes a framework that will allow the Parties to work together to increase opportunities for SME's and to report on their activities' a new relationship offers the opportunity to make this really meaningful for SME's. Market access and collaboration would bring innovation and disruption- not just 'counting the scores...'.

Part 5 - Participation in Union Programmes - 'additional detail on the individual programmes the UK is intending to participate in- Horizon Europe, Euratom Research and Training, and Copernicus', a number of BECBC members collaborate with partners across the EU in these programmes, benefiting our energy and remediation programmes.

Nuclear Cooperation Agreement- 'the UK and the European Atomic Energy Community (Euratom) have agreed a separate Nuclear Cooperation Agreement', in addition to the anticipated commitments to safeguarding it also provides a long-term legal basis for future cooperation on R&D in both nuclear fission and fusion.

We will continue discussions with Department for International Trade and other key bodies as we enter 2021 to provide members with up to date information as well as ensuring that your voice is heard throughout ongoing negotiations.