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Awards 2022

HELP KEEP OUR NHS HEROES SAFE - local 3D Printing Project

A team of local businesses and organisations have linked together to 3D print and assemble the vital face shields for our amazing NHS staff and carers need to stay safer from contracting the COVID-19 virus whilst they care for patients.

Working together they can print over 100 a day, but need support to cover costs enabling so they can donate them to those who need them most.

Help by donating funding, but also if you would like to contact the Project Team and get involved in helping to 3D print that would be great too.

Thank you,

Project Team:

  • Paul Thorburn at Tech4 Office Equipment Ltd,
  • Niall Mitchell at SkunkWorks Engineering Ltd,
  • Engineering Dept at Energy Coast University Technical College (a BECBC member)
  • DT Dept at Richard Rose Morton Academy
  • Jon Stynes Design - all in Cumbria, UK