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BECBC PHOTO Soc Val DC and SD Sep 2019

Meet our new Chair and Deputy Chair for BECBC’s Social Value Group

We welcome Donna Connor as Chair and Sarah Dockeray as Deputy Chair for BECBC’s Social Value Group.

“We are delighted to welcome Donna and Sarah as Chair and Deputy Chair to the Social Value Group. They will be a great asset to the team and we look forward to seeing where they will take this incredibly active group next and help us as a business cluster actively engage in our community. We are very thankful for the time and leadership Dianne Richardson has brought to the group over this last year. Her passion to create true social value has inspired many of our members to step out and get involved, making a difference, in particular to the young people of this county.” John Grainer, BECBC Executive Director.

Donna is Head of Education and Skills for Sellafield Ltd. She holds a degree and PhD in Materials Engineering, in addition to professional qualifications in Knowledge management, Quality and Control Systems. She is a mental health champion and through Women in Nuclear has lead on promoting equality, diversity and inclusion in the nuclear sector.

Donna is also a keen ballroom dancer and an avid reader. She is a vice-chair at the Energy Coast University Technical College (ECUTC) and serves as a host family for Friends of Chernobyl’s Children (FOCC)

In answer to the question on what she hopes to achieve as part of the Social Value Group, Donna explains: “I am passionate about encouraging young people to be the best they can. I’d like to focus that passion to harness the enthusiasm of the BECBC Social Value Group to make a real difference for the youth in West Cumbria.”

The Deputy Chair, Sarah Dockeray is a young professional and has been working for Cavendish Nuclear Ltd for 5 years. Here, she works as a Project Assistant and co-ordinates all STEM and Socioeconomic initiatives in West Cumbria.

“I am passionate about where I live. I love how the social impact meetings really highlight the importance of having meaningful conversations with a diverse range of people to create a sustainable future for our region. It’s not only the attendees’ that benefit from these sessions, West Cumbria does, too - and how powerful is that? I can’t wait to start working with Donna to ensure there is a cohesive driving force behind social impact to be able to make a measurable difference in West Cumbria.”

Sarah is newbie beekeeper and a member of Whitehaven and district beekeepers. She has been keeping 2 colonies of bees and got her first crop of honey this year.

“It’s been an honour to chair the BECBC Social Value Group. They are passionate and enthusiastic about making a difference which is exactly what they’ve achieved through the establishment of the Business and Schools Collaboration Project. The crowdfunding and company volunteering on this scheme has inspired and informed our local youngsters about their future careers for over a year now and I look forward to seeing what the group achieves next under Donna’s and Sarah’s leadership.” Dianne Richardson, former Chair of the Social Value Group and Member Engagement Director.

PHOTO: Donna (left) and Sarah (right)