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Awards 2022
Mooside Clean Energy Hub

Moorside Clean Energy Hub

Mott MacDonald (a BECBC member) was requested by the Moorside Consortium members to produce a Clean Energy Hub brochure for Cumbria, which could incorporate the nuclear stations and also to allow for the hub to interact with the local industry towards the usage low carbon fuels and products.

The hub would link with offshore wind and any tidal schemes as well as any proposed carbon capture, utilisation and storage projects. Please download brochure (link below) and link to news article, we would welcome any comments and views.

Key contacts are:

Prem Mahi
Energy Knowledge and Innovation Director
Direct: 01273 365165

Mark Liddiard
Global Practice Leader Nuclear
Direct: 0121 234 1574


Moorside Brochure Final
File size: 1.124 MB