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Awards 2022
Wasdale Lake District

New Landscape. New Pioneers. An invitation from the BECBC Board 

Remarkably, it seems that the worst of the pandemic will soon be behind us. But things aren’t going back to where they used to be. The landscape is very different.

Whilst the threat to our health from COVID-19 is receding, the knock-on effects of the crisis on our economy and our communities are expected to be profound and long-lasting.

And alongside our local challenges, the whole country is battling it out to secure new inward investment and additional financial support from a Government already stretched to the limit.

If we’re to thrive in this tough climate, it’s critical we pull together with a common voice and clear intent.

So let’s remind ourselves what’s special about Cumbria. What we stand for. Who we are for our families and our communities. The kind of future we’re committed to. Where we should be leading from the front.

If we respond to these fundamental questions collectively and with our full talents, Cumbria will win its fair share of the opportunities.

And the benefits will reach all of our people and all of our communities.

To get things started, BECBC are reaching out to member organisations and their teams. We want everyone to tell us what ‘New Landscape. New Pioneers.’ means for them.

And as a ‘thank you’ for giving us your views as a BECBC member, there’s the opportunity to get the views of your people too. You’ll get their perspective back (anonymised, of course) along with the Cumbria-wide picture in January.

We’re pioneering ourselves by engaging the Community Data Cooperative as our delivery partner. They are a new, Cumbria-based research business owned and run by the community – a UK first.

So take 10 minutes to give us your perspective on the realities of life today and your sense of where Cumbria’s prospects are brightest. You’ll need to join the Coop to take part (there’s no charge) and involvement in any future research is entirely your choice.

To get started please CLICK HERE

Once you’ve completed the ‘New Landscape. New Pioneers.’ questions we’ll send through a draft email you can use to invite your people to give their views and the link (personalised to your business) they should use.

The reach-out starts Monday 30 November and runs through to 17 December and we’ll share the results with everyone in the New Year.

Should be fascinating…