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Observations on holding a workshop for BECBC members

Following story from Angie Dean of The ISO Specailists, one of 6 BECBC members that collaborated to offer the BECBC e-Workshop on ISO Cerification on 17 July 2020:

I just want to share a ‘feel good’ moment I experienced when some of my peers and I, collaborated to deliver a joint workshop for BECBC.

It all started when one of my peers suggested I raise my profile (as a newly formed company) by running a workshop about what I do.

Public speaking is not my forte and when I had picked myself up off the floor (metaphorically speaking) I started to think about how I could progress this idea.

My first thought was “ well I am not the only one in the BECBC family that can deliver an ISO and I don’t want to appear as though I think I am either – so why don’t I find out who else can deliver and see if they want to collaborate and share what they can do too?”

After a few phone calls and a scan of the member list I had identified 5 others who fit the bill:

Following a few emails and further phone calls we had our first zoom encounter kindly facilitated by Elsa and her new meeting room facility. We shared ideas, talked around topics, who would talk about what, order of delivery - oh and we laughed quite a lot too. A draft was produced, circulated and tweeked and before we knew it we were having our second zoom practice session ahead of the rehearsal with Hazel.

The last time I rehearsed anything was my wedding day (and that was a long time ago). There were some commonalities: in the nerves, remembering what to say and when to say it, making sure everyone could be heard, various guests and trusting on the day that it will all work out okay. Oh, and not to forget the master of ceremonies – this time Hazel – and all of a sudden, we knew we were in safe hands, and knew it would all work out okay.

On the day introductions were made, the speeches were delivered, information shared about the different parties and a few questions were voiced and answered, new friendships formed, and promises were made about catching up again sometime in the future.

I hope that those who came to share our in our ‘workshop’ took away something positive from it. The positives that I can share are essentially at the heart of collaboration :

  • New friendships
  • New beginnings
  • Shared values
  • Shared objectives
  • Shared goals
  • Willingness to trust
  • Desire for transparency and honesty
  • Hope for the future collaborating with peers
  • A ‘feel good’ feeling

If you have an idea for a workshop or a subject you woud like BECBC to offer, please contact Hazel Duhy, Admin Manager