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Optimal Article: First Oil RAM Analysis

There is a lot of emphasis on getting to first oil / gas as soon as possible and this puts pressure on the select / define process (Pre-FEED / FEED stages) both in terms of timescales and cost. However, this is potentially at the expense of analyses (in our case RAM studies) that can ultimately define the overall lifecycle cost for the asset. RAM studies have come out top of the list in our recent poll on LinkedIn, where a question of ‘When going through Detail Design Project stage, which part of your Asset Management requires earliest attention?’ was posed. In the short term, the design might satisfy the immediate requirements, but the eventual operator might have to live with difficulties over the entire lifecycle in areas such as supportability, operability and maintainability. So as usual: money invested early on will reap many benefits over the longer term to the operator and this applies across the industries, not only Oil and Gas.

See below to download the full article written by Michael Hobbs, Principal Asset Reliability Engineer, Optimal


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