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Awards 2022
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#ThinkBusinessThinkPeople: People make all the difference - our first hybrid member meeting

Our first hybrid member meeting - our members made all the difference, by Jutta Devenish

With members back at our 'home' at Energus in Lillyhall and others joining us via zoom, our first hybrid member meeting resulted in lots of positive feedback from attendees.

Why? While the tech, provided by Energus, was brilliant and we hope you felt things were well organised, the most important part of yesterday's meeting were the members themselves. People make all the difference!

Personally, I really enjoyed seeing everyone in person, seeing their expressions, capturing body language, smiles on faces and hearing how glad they were to be there. The ability to scan a room and find others to go and talk to and to simply be together, released from the confines of a screen, was truly liberating!

I really enjoyed the presentations on inclusive leadership, how to network and on how behavioural insights can truly benefit decision-making. Things felt fresh and really provided some impetus. The speakers, too, seemed more chatty than usual, which added to a great atmosphere.

There was plenty of time to network and attendees were able to re-connect and make new important business connections. And, of course, that is at the heart of what BECBC is about.

I, for one, am looking forward to the next member meeting. Yes, business can be done online, but better business is done in person. Join us next time!

Everyone is welcome!