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BECBC BSCP Video making GRAPHIC Sept 2020

Schools need your short videos to help with student career education

The BECBC Business and Schools Collaboration Project (BSCP) are receiving lots of requests for pre-recorded content schools can share with students as part of their careers education.

We've put together a few hints and tips on how you can make one of these "Career Shorts" - see the download documents below.

We hope BECBC members will have a go and create some interesting videos.

We can support this process (editing or prompting content with "live" questions), if required.

Please contact Vicky Ritson of Inspira (BECBC BSCP's project partner) for more details.


BECBC BSCP Guidelines from Inspira to Create a Video Sept 2020
File size: 121.388 KB
BECBC BSCP Top Tips from Inspira to Create a Video Sept 2020
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