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Awards 2022

Seeking Solutions: EESA Space Solutions – Funding and Support

Message from Dr Nick Appleyard, Head of TIA Applications

Dear Network,

I hope you are staying safe and healthy even as coronavirus disrupts every part of our society and economy: our families, our communities, our leisure and our work. In our isolation we are learning, exploring and reflecting on how we should run our lives, during this time and in the future. The world is seeking out ways to improve resilience, enhance our social connections, automate, virtualise, and connect.

You can offer answers, in the form of Space Solutions.

Right now, the health and wellbeing of the wider global community is the highest priority. So if you can imagine solutions in those areas, please bring them forwards as a priority and we will fast-track our support to you. And then we ask you to consider how the needs of your users and customers are changing, and what you will offer to them as a new normal returns to society. I am sure you have many ideas. The world needs them more now than ever.

We need more space.

For full info and list of funding and support click here