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Awards 2022

Sellafield Ltd commits to supporting local social enterprise All Together Cumbria

Sellafield Ltd commits to supporting local social enterprise All Together Cumbria to help deliver its social impact programme and increase local access to employment opportunities

All Together Cumbria, a community interest company and social enterprise, has secured the commitment of Sellafield Ltd to use its services as a way of ensuring that all Sellafield Ltd career opportunities are visible and accessible to all. This commitment is part of Sellafield Ltd’s Social Impact programme and will enable better access to employment opportunities for the local people both at Sellafield and across the region.

On average, Sellafield Ltd and its supply chain recruits approximately 750 roles annually and is now looking to ensure a minimum of 500 roles are recruited through All Together Cumbria within the next 18 months. This includes apprenticeships and graduate roles.

All Together Cumbria was formed in 2018 to provide a more effective and efficient approach towards maximising the benefit of current and future employment in the local community. The funds generated through All Together Cumbria are reinvested to provide greater employment opportunities through improved skills development and training.

Sellafield Ltd’s commitment enables All Together Cumbria to further enhance its existing skills hub programme locally as well as supporting the development of an online platform.

Sellafield Ltd chief executive officer, Paul Foster said: “Sellafield Ltd’s ambition is to ensure everyone has equal and inclusive access to all career opportunities and roles within our organisation and the supply chain.

“All Together Cumbria will help us to achieve our vision by ensuring the employment opportunities Sellafield Ltd has are visible, accessible and achievable for all.”

All Together Cumbria management committee chair, Tim Corrigan, said: “We are delighted to have secured this commitment from Sellafield Ltd. It enables us to further expand and build on our vision to work in partnership with industry and the community to provide people in Cumbria with greater opportunity and access to employment.

“All Together Cumbria is committed to working closely with the local industry to understand their current and long-term recruitment needs, helping to identify skills gaps for the future and enabling targeted investment to be made to improve the lives of the local people in Cumbria.”

All Together Cumbria and Sellafield Ltd are both BECBC members.