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Sellafield Ltd to restart reprocessing and further boost operations in 2020

A 6-month operational plan has been mapped out to restart vital hazard and risk reduction work at Sellafield.

An operational plan which safeguards jobs in the nuclear supply chain and restarts vital hazard and risk reduction work including Magnox reprocessing at Sellafield has been mapped out for the next 6 months

So far there has been a cautious, managed restart of work on the Sellafield site which has already seen the number of people safely working on the Sellafield site double from 1,000 in the immediate aftermath of the COVID-19 lockdown to circa 2,000 now.

A new 6-month tactical plan has now been agreed which increases the number working on site to an expected 4,000 by September, then peaking at around 4,500 later in the 2020 calendar year.

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