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SKA Procurement Update

The Square Kilometre Array (SKA) will be the world’s largest radio telescope, with mid-frequency dishes in the Karoo desert, South Africa and low-frequency antennas in the Western Australian desert. The headquarters is situated at Jodrell Bank, UK.

SKA is transitioning from a CLG into an intergovernmental organisation (IGO), which will be able to set its own procurement rules. SKA is seeking to allocate major construction contracts to SKA Member countries where possible, to ensure all Members achieve a minimum work return of 70%. Any unallocated work will be competed across all SKA Members. Tender opportunities will be advertised by our team to UK industry via market survey.

STFC has committed £100M to SKA Phase 1 Construction (SKA-1) and the UK is expecting to receive construction work worth a minimum of £70M. The UK’s interests include software (science data processing and handling, pulsar search, observation management and scheduling, monitoring calibration and control, synchronisation and timing local monitoring and control, and digitisation firmware), technology (advanced cryogenic receivers, cryogenic system, timing, clocks (SKA’s reference timescale), antennas and LNAs) and computer hardware (servers, FPGAs etc).

If you have any questions, please contact Carol Watts,

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