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The benefits of e-Networking with BECBC!

The first of a new series of BECBC e-Networking events was ranked excellent by participating BECBC members today (19 Aug 2020).

Attendees each presented their 1 minute 'elevator pitch' introductions before speed networking with each other in a round of 5 minute breakout 1-2-1 sessions, followed by general discussions including comparing online and physical meeting networking – both being seen to have pros and cons!

Angie Dean, of The ISO Specialists commented:
"It was great to network with others from BECBC today – some people I have had a conversation with for the first time and others I have got to know a little more. It also reminds me that I am not alone as an SME that there is a whole family of similar like minded people just like me wanting to network to build friendships, connections and possible opportunities to work together."

Stephen Shepherd of Camerton Consultants Ltd also found the session useful:
"It was a great meeting that allowed us to share contact details for follow up opportunities with individuals and their organisations. More of the same please to allow us all to broaden our portfolio of contacts and build new relationships!"

Peter Fleming of Peter Fleming Business Consultancy attended to promote his business, as well as listen to feedback as a BECBC Director:
"For me, it was good to have meaningful conversations and get to know everyone a bit better. The 1 minute pitch gives you a taster, but the “forced” 1-2-1 speed networking was invaluable. Within the 25 minute 1-2-1 session I received one lead, 2 further conversations to be had and I can assist a couple with their requirements too – a win/win! Hazel and I will also be looking to incorporate some of the ideas from attendees to give members different networking opportunities at e-Events in future too."

Other BECBC members benefitting from this session included:

Want to join the next BECBC e-Networking session?

Registration for the 2 September 2020 e-Event will open soon... put the date in your diary!