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Awards 2022
A2 K

A2K Cleaning named as best cleaning company in Cumbria in the UK Enterprise Awards 2021

A2K Cleaning Services Limited has been named as the best cleaning company in Cumbria in the UK Enterprise Awards 2021. Recognised for leading the anti-microbial cleaning revolution and using the latest technology, the award-winning company is helping businesses return to normal.

A2K is now part of the ATP Network of independent hygiene testers. ATP, or adenosine 5’-triphosphate, is the main
molecule for storing and transferring energy found in all organic matter. ATP Testing is quick, effective and scientific. It verifies cleaning and hygiene practices in a range of environments, including hospitals and care homes, schools, restaurants, manufacturers, processing plants and transport companies.

A2K’s other investment was in electrostatic sanitising and fogging. Electrostatic treatments aim to disrupt
the cycle of infection, keeping the impact of an outbreak to a minimum. Pathogens are almost everywhere, and businesses such as A2K are acutely aware of how quickly infection can spread, even more so since the recent ongoing pandemic. The company has also partnered with Nordic Chem whose industry-leading anti-microbial
surface coatings can protect environments for up to 90 days. A2K even has its own label, a fully tested brand of antimicrobial chemical, which it now distributes to local councils, clubs and factories.

Andrew says “Not everyone can do the job of a cleaner, especially in a bio-hazard situation. All A2K’s cleaners are
thoroughly vetted and given full training.”

Andrew hopes to be able to expand further in the future: “I’d like to look at getting new premises and possibly start to supply janitorial equipment and supplies too."

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