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Awards 2022

Useful info for SMEs in the nuclear/clean energy sectors – grants for specialist materials equipment access

There is a new source of funding specifically for SMEs to gain access to specialist equipment.

The scheme is run by the Henry Royce Institute at The University of Manchester and offers grants of up to £10k to support access to state-of-the-art materials science and engineering equipment to support SMEs, spin-outs and start-ups.

The Royce SME Equipment Access Scheme is open to UK-based SMEs, spin-outs and start-ups and offers subsidised facilities access, perfect for businesses seeking solutions to materials analysis obstacles. The scheme is designed to:

  • overcome cost barriers and de-risk experimental materials-based R&D
  • help pave the way for future collaborations with Royce

As the national institute for advanced materials, Royce has an extensive catalogue of equipment including facilities to make, test and characterise materials. Several of the key pieces of equipment are at National Nuclear Laboratory facilities, with many other items available at UKAEA and a range of UK universities.

Companies can identify a specific piece of equipment they require or discuss what techniques might work best for a materials-based analysis with our experienced Business Engagement and Research and Facilities Teams. Full details of the scheme, the equipment available and how to apply can be found here.