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Awards 2022

“We have skills for energy role” – Jamie Reed interview for BECBC Global Reach

Jamie Reed, Head of Corporate Affairs for Sellafield Ltd. and speaker at this year’s BECBC Global Reach, the first international clean-energy event of its kind, comments on the need for a shared vision and the role of young people in the delivery of Britain’s low-carbon future in the below interview:

Why have you chosen to be part of Global Reach and what will you be talking about?

Global Reach is a great opportunity for the energy industry to unite around a shared vision of a low carbon future.

I’m a firm believer that the public and private sectors should work together to deliver a future economy that benefits consumers, communities, and the environment.

My message to the conference will be that we all have a part to play in presenting our industry as credible, trustworthy, and ready for the challenge of delivering a clean energy future.

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