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Awards 2022

WiN UK Awards - Industry Charter Signatory of the Year Award - extended entry deadline!

WiN UK developed an Industry Charter to help organisations focus on the activity that can improve diversity and gender balance. Over 60 organisations have already signed up to WiN UK’s Industry Charter. Alongside this we launched the joint Nuclear Skills Strategy Group (NSSG) / WiN UK Gender Roadmap Commitment Pledge to support the Nuclear Sector Deal target of a 40% female workforce by 2030. The pledge recognises collaboration across the nuclear sector to ensure evidence-based action and sharing of best practice. This award recognises the Charter Signatory (or Commitment Pledge) company that has made a particular contribution to our mission throughout the year.

Judges will consider evidence which shows work undertaken to improve gender balance within the nominee’s organisation and in the wider industry. Examples may include:

  • sharing of best practice, including tools and techniques, across the broader nuclear sector
  • sharing of gender and diversity data to enable robust analysis and to help us to focus efforts on the most effective areas
  • educating leaders within our organisations and holding them and their teams to account for inclusivity, recognising and challenging bias and sexism
  • creating opportunities for networking, exchange of ideas, and mentoring and coaching in support of the aims of WiN UK to support women and other under-represented groups reach their full potential in our businesses
  • prioritising action to remove barriers to flexible working across the nuclear sector for all types of work and at all levels

Download the Application Form HERE

The deadline has been extended to 15 February