Enterprise Nation take applications for £5000 grants to support small businesse

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£5,000 grants for UK small businesses.

As part of a commitment to small businesses and giving back to the community, Salesforce is partnering with Enterprise Nation to offer eligible firms the opportunity to receive a £5,000 grant to help them through the COVID-19 outbreak. 

The individual grants have been designed to provide capital to keep the smallest firms afloat and boost their resilience as they begin to prepare for getting back to business.

The grants are available for companies that have not received any other cash grant exceeding £1,000 during 2020 in relation to COVID-19 from any Government.

Applications will open in six regional phases and each region will have seven days to apply.

For more information and to see if you are eligible, read the complete FAQs and T&Cs available at: enterprisenation.com/smallbusinessgrants


The grant application process will be opened in regional waves. . Applications will then open as follows: 

Northern Ireland: 18-24 May
Central England: 1-7 June
South England: 15 -21 June
Scotland: 29 June - 5 July
Wales: 13-19 July
North England: 27 July - 2 August

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