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Read on to find out more about a new project to help Cumbria businesses. It costs nothing to take part and you’ll get new insights to help your business as lockdown eases. 

What problem is this a solution to?

With the furlough scheme phasing out soon, it’s crunch-time for many businesses. Ongoing Covid-19 restrictions are changing many aspects of work. Tough calls have to be made. People need support. But what specifically?

Given the Covid-19 hit and the tough trading conditions ahead, most organisations don’t have money to spare. People need to support each other more – at work, in their families and in the wider community. What can businesses do to help that?  

Covid-19 is hurting the vulnerable and disadvantaged disproportionately. Many people want to ‘do their bit’ and for work to step up too. But what does that actually look like?

Cumbria360 provides new insights so you can make the right calls for your business, your staff and the wider community.

Sounds interesting. What’s involved?

The project is run by the Community Data Cooperative. It’s the UK’s first community-run research business. People can trust their information is kept safe and private so they’re more willing to share their biggest concerns and their best ideas.

Here’s what happens:

Have your business join the Community Data Cooperative. It’s free for businesses with less than 50 employees. Simply drop us an email at                           

Optionally, you can make a contribution to the Wellbeing Fund – a pot of money co-op Members use to make stuff happen in the community. We’ll add your business to the Wall of Fame.

Invite your employees to participate. It’s completely free. Just send out an internal email with a link to the survey.  

Throughout August people will be taking part in the Cumbria360 survey – sharing their biggest concerns and their best ideas for recovery. We'll let you know how many employees have responded over time.

At the end of September you’ll get a report back showing the (anonymised) responses for your business and the Cumbria-wide picture too.

And in case you’re wondering how the Community Data Cooperative makes money, we do high-value community research for Local Government, Central Government and big businesses. The money coming in goes three ways: firstly, into our Wellbeing Fund to support community wellbeing projects chosen by the Members; secondly, growing the business; thirdly, we may pay members a small cash dividend (depending on how much research they participate in and whether they want it).

The ‘what’s in it for us’ from the project is building the coop membership to make our research more attractive to clients.

So have your business join in, invite your people to join in and help Cumbria build back better...

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