Local Junior Football Club needs equipment container - can you help?

Posted by Hazel Duhy on

Below a request for help from the Club Secretary, Julie Schofiled:

We are Moor Row FC Juniors.

For the last 40 years we have played football at Moor Row School pitch near Westlakes in Whitehaven.  We played regular games and trained there but due to circumstances out of our control and through no fault of our own, 2 years ago we had to leave the pitch. This was a huge blow for the club not only losing the pitch but also the container that stored all our training and games equipment. It had to be removed and as we had no where to relocate the container to it had to be taken away permanently.

We have worked hard in the last 12 months and have recently received some excellent news and have been allowed use of the pitch again on a permanent basis.  However, our container that was used to store our lawn mower, football goals, line markers, respect barriers, training equipment etc. is no longer there. We are now looking to source a new container which will help our club grow and support our local community of Moor Row. We have a number of children from the village who play for us but also a lot of children from the wider community who would benefit if we could make a permanent home for our players in Moor Row, giving them a permanent base and a sense of belonging.  We currently have around 180 children in our club and this extra pitch is vital so all our players can play high quality regular football, benefiting both their mental health and well-being. Without a new container this isn’t possible.

Many thanks for your time,
Julie Schofield
Club Secretary
Mobile contact: 07793 683231

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