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  • Inspira Cumbria are a local social enterprise working with SSL and the BECBC Socio Economic sub group on relationships and interactions with local schools. Over this summer they are looking to recruit mentors to work with secondary school students across West Cumbria. Could you do this?  
  • They are looking for colleagues with  some empathy, a willingness to talk about their own career path and work experience and an ability to enthuse and encourage young people. The activity is personally rewarding and developmental. We will provide a partnership certificate recording the contribution and skills of the mentor.
  • The focus of the work will be to try to help students to improve performance. Nominated students will be those not working to their potential; those whose current performance does not match their target grades. Sessions will be scheduled to coincide with student performance assessments which can be the focus of discussion.  
  • We will provide a twilight training/briefing for nominated mentors in September. All mentors will be required to have a DBS clearance which Inspira will process if this is not already in place.
  • We expect a mentoring meeting in each half term; that is 6 sessions per academic year. We expect the session to last about 30 minutes including some brief recording. We would hope each mentor would work with 2 mentees; that is 1 -1.5 hours per mentoring visit.  Mentors can commit to more contact than this by agreement with their school and employer but we are not setting this expectation.

Interested? Contact: or 07919220195 for more info, an informal chat or a registration form. 

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