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Disruption due to COVID has accelerated changes in the way we work and forced us to think about the future of work - impact on the workforce, what we mean by the workplace and how we think about work itself and its place in our lives.

As the industry transitions from emergency response into the recovery phase, the NI Future of Work SIG will be a forum for reimagining the future of work, for sharing thought leadership and good practice, to help members navigate the uncertainty and make decisions that bring about a better working world.

Recognising that the impact of COVID 19 will be one of the most significant issues affecting the industry for years to come - what is the long term value proposition of the SIG? Over time, the implications of COVID will continue to influence the way we work to a lesser extent, but there will always be a Future of Work.

Longer term, the group's focus will be on Work, the Workforce and the Workplace, bringing in topics such as EDI, technology, recruitment, health and wellbeing, leadership and management and more. There is opportunity as we bounce forward from COVID disruption to demonstrate the real business impact of what had previously been thought of as "soft" issues, and in doing so create a better Future of Work.

SIGs are primarily about knowledge sharing and capture, so the intention here is not to replicate any existing initiative, but to bring together in one place the relevant aspects relating to Future of Work topics, and make this information accessible to members of the SIG.

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