St Benedicts School - Year 7 Tutor Challenge Day

4th November 2019 at 9:00am - 3:30pm
St Benedicts School, Red Lonning, Whitehaven, CA28 8UG
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St Benedicts School - Year 7 Tutor Challenge Day

Inspira are coordinating a day of activities designed to support year 7 transition. 

Individual tasks put together into a team challenge and chosen to develop a range of skills: team building, resilience, working under pressure, strategic thinking/problem solving. 

Designed to encourage students to appreciate and support each other, and to recognise each other’s strengths and abilities.

Employer volunteers sought to work with individual tutor groups throughout the challenge process; encourage planning, team participation, explain relevance to working life, etc....

3 Slots available - 8.55 to 10.45am (3 volunteers) , 11am to 12.50pm(3 volunteers)  or 1.35 to 3.25pm (2 volunteers)   


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Volunteering for this event

This event needs the support of volunteers. If you're able to offer your support to this event, please contact the organiser.