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Awards 2022

BECBC Shadow Board

Our Shadow Board is a group of nine young professionals ages between 18 and 30 brought together to ensure young professionals within the cluster's membership have a voice in key decisions but also to support, promote and drive wider development / growth opportunities for young professionals in Cumbria. Our Shadow Board align their work to four main themes, detailed above, ensuring that activities are focused in the areas of greatest need while aligning to the wider BECBC principles.

Current Projects


The initial idea behind the Shadow Board Podcasts was to humanise senior leaders in Cumbria and give them a platflorm to share their stories above just fiving corporate speeches or presentations. Guests so far have been able to share their advice for the youger gerneration, which can be invaluable! However, since Coronavirus the Podcasts have focused on sharing businesses stories, promoting the extra work they have to do throught lockdown and give others "something hidden by the Learn More button" forward.

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Development Guide

The ‘Young Professional Development Guide’ is the Gold Standard for professional development. Large companies tend to have well structures processes for performance appraisals and development plans however SME’s may not, meaning younger people and their employers are missing out of opportunities. Our guide provides the basics for this process.


‘Maximise Opportunity for the Young’ is a strand of the BECBC recovery model in response to COVID-19. MOFTY looks at how young people can capitalise on the opportunities available in Cumbria but also how the cluster can work with partners to increase those opportunities. The Shadow Board is engaged with a number of organisations to support this work.


APPFIT is a programme developed by the Shadow Board to support young people into apprenticeships. The principle is that many individuals would make great apprentices but lack the administrative skills to pass the application process which often includes an Application Form, Aptitude Test and an Interview. AppFit provides detailed guidance on the full process to get the right people in the right apprenticeships. The event will take place on 1st November at Lakes College from 16.30-18.30. Find out more and register via Eventbrite.

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Get In Touch

If you want to get involved with any of the Shadow Boards activities or just to find out more you can email If you want to get in touch with a specific member of the Shadow Board, contact details are on our ‘meet the team’ page.

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