Tender Opportunities

BECBC have been given details of the following tender opportunities open to members. Please note that unless specified, each tender opportunity is being managed by the respective buying organisation, and not BECBC.

BECBC members can upload tenders to this website through your organisation user account. Please sign in to your account and select the Add Tender Opportunity option from your account dashboard. Note, all opportunities will be subject to approval prior to being published on the site.

Title Buying
Framework Agreement for Asbestos Analytical Services Dounreay Site Restoration Limited 25/05/2017 26/07/2017 Login
TfL 00909 Supply of Aluminium Headstock for the London Underground Piccadilly Line 73ST Transport for London 09/07/2017 27/07/2017 Login
Binder Jetting Metal Powder Additive Manufacturing System UNIVERSITY OF SHEFFIELD 01/07/2017 27/07/2017 Login
Framework Agreement for Safety Case Production and Peer Review Services Dounreay Site Restoration Limited 22/06/2017 28/07/2017 Login
GASKET Project 1 Ministry of Defence, Land Equipment, Dismounted Close Combat (DCC) 17/07/2017 28/07/2017 Login
PP17054 - Supply, Delivery & Installation of Furniture Wolverhampton City Council 04/06/2017 28/07/2017 Login
HCC06/17-Pre Procurement Market Engagement for Environmental Resource Planning Consultancy Framework Hertfordshire County Council 28/06/2017 28/07/2017 Login
Graphic Design Implementation HIGH SPEED TWO (HS2) LIMITED 06/07/2017 28/07/2017 Login
Asbestos Management Survey Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust 01/07/2017 28/07/2017 Login
Framework Agreement for the Provision of Offset Print Services The University of Warwick 01/07/2017 28/07/2017 Login
Flood and Coastal Risk Management (FCRM) Operational Framework - North Hub Defra Network eTendering Portal 21/06/2017 29/07/2017 Login
Service and Maintenance of Fixed and Mobile RadioNuclide Detection Equipment The Home Office (Secretary of State for the Home Department) 28/06/2017 31/07/2017 Login
Asbestos Consultancy Framework Network Rail 06/07/2017 31/07/2017 Login
Technical Consultancy Services North London Waste Authority 17/07/2017 01/08/2017 Login
Cyber Security and Resilience Capability Enhancement Framework NUCLEAR DECOMMISSIONING AUTHORITY 07/07/2017 02/08/2017 Login
Provision of Hydraulic Modelling and Optioneering Services - Danvm Drainage Commissioners Danvm Drainage Commissioners 17/07/2017 04/08/2017 Login
TFL 00716 — Supply of bespoke manufactured Metal Components Transport for London 20/07/2017 04/08/2017 Login
Enterprise Hub Strategic Partner Procurement THE WOMEN'S ORGANISATION 06/07/2017 04/08/2017 Login
GB-Maldon: Workwear Maldon District Council 01/07/2017 04/08/2017 Login
Environmental Radioactivity Monitoring Programme for Scotland Scottish Environment Protection Agency 06/07/2017 07/08/2017 Login
2664_18 Property, Building and Infrastructure Advice and Management Services ServicesESPO 01/07/2017 08/08/2017 Login
Furniture: Supply and installation North Eastern Universities Purchasing Consortium 17/07/2017 10/08/2017 Login
FrameworkEstates Capital Works Consultancy Framework University of Cumbria 17/07/2017 10/08/2017 Login
Stakeholder Consultation - Greater Manchester Talent Match G M C V O 09/07/2017 11/08/2017 Login
Passenger Satisfaction Research: Rolling Online User Satisfaction Research SOUTH YORKSHIRE PASSENGER TRANSPORT EXECUTIVE 25/07/2017 11/08/2017 Login
External Print Framework Liverpool City Council 15/06/2017 14/08/2017 Login
Framework for Deer Fencing on Underplanting Sites Forestry Commission, Santon Downham 15/06/2017 14/08/2017 Login
Lease Cars and Associated Services. The Common Services Agency (more commonly known as NHS National Services Scotland) (‘the Authority’) 14/05/2017 14/08/2017 Login
Vehicle and Plant Hire Scotland Excel 20/07/2017 14/08/2017 Login
Vehicle and Plant Hire Scotland Excel 20/07/2017 14/08/2017 Login
Cell Maintenance Equipment (Pacakge 29) BEP Delivery Team 16/06/2016 14/08/2017 View
Liverpool: Travel services The Minister for the Cabinet Office acting through Crown Commercial Service 23/07/2017 15/08/2017 Login
Demolition Framework Mi Concepts Ltd 06/07/2017 17/08/2017 Login
Accelerated Construction Delivery Panel Mi Concepts Ltd 06/07/2017 17/08/2017 Login
The supply of geo-synthetics Network Rail Infrastructure Ltd 09/07/2017 18/08/2017 Login
Personnel Platforms & Supporting Steelwork (Package 27) BEP Delivery Team 16/06/2016 20/08/2017 View
Building Materials and Associated Services Crown Commercial Service 14/05/2017 21/08/2017 Login
IRM16/1293 — The Supply of Field Equipment and Spares Babcock DSG 23/07/2017 21/08/2017 Login
Provision of ICT Services - PIN Sellafield Limited 28/06/2017 23/08/2017 Login
Corporate Clothing and Personal Protective Equipment Soft Market Testing Exercise Wirral Borough Council 14/05/2017 31/08/2017 Login
Air Filtration and Ancillary Equipment (PIN) Sellafield Ltd 20/07/2017 03/09/2017 Login
Information and Communications Technology: call in Cumbria (OC07R17P 0581) Department for Communities and Local Government, Department for Work and Pensions, Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affa 06/07/2017 08/09/2017 Login
Quotation for Archaeology Test Pitting and Final Assessment Dig Jane Pit, Workington WORKINGTON TOWN COUNCIL 17/07/2017 12/09/2017 Login
Sliding Folding Doors (Package 43) BEP Delivery Team 16/06/2016 20/09/2017 View
GB-Helensburgh: Provision of OHSE Training Courses Ministry of Defence, Submarines, HMNB Clyde 15/06/2017 01/10/2017 Login
Steam Ejectors (Package 20) BEP Delivery Team 16/06/2016 23/10/2017 View
Sodium Hydroxide Dosing (Package 32) BEP Delivery Team 16/06/2016 18/11/2017 View
Safety Showers (Package 35) BEP Delivery Team 15/06/2016 11/12/2017 View
Facilities Management Services CROWN COMMERCIAL SERVICE 16/05/2017 01/03/2018 Login
Goods Lift (Package 96) BEP Delivery Team 16/06/2016 13/01/2019 View
Business Services Marketplace LLW Repository Ltd 21/04/2016 19/04/2020 Login

Don't forget to look in the Document Library for other useful information – currently including Procurment Plans for:

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Cumbria Business Growth Hub has launched a Supply Chain Gateway (May 2016)
It includes specific information on their supply chain needs and opportunities from larger organisations across the range of sectors and a great range of resources to help smaller organisations develop their capabilities.


Click here to download a BECBC Info Sheet about NDA Contract Finders and CTMs (Mar 2016)
prepared by Liz Bowe, BECBC Director



NuGen – Click here to visit the Moorside Supplier Portal for updates from NuGen

NNL – Supplier opportunities are listed on NNL website

Cumbria County Council – you must express an interest via The Chest to access tender documentation

Sellafield –

Sciences and Techncology Facilities Council – click here to register for Tender Opportunities

National Rail - click here to see current opportunities

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