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Awards 2024
Title Buying Organisation Publish Date Response Deadline Details
1648C Transport Package Lid and Shock Absorber Bolts Nuclear Transport Solutions 29/05/2024 12/06/2024 View
Windsor Colliery Phase 1 Enabling Works United Welsh Housing Association 28/05/2024 19/07/2024 View
DNE STEM Delivery Partners 24/25 Ministry of Defence 28/05/2024 28/06/2024 View
Provision of Fire Safety (RPL) Training Scottish Fire and Rescue Service 28/05/2024 24/06/2024 View
A9 Dualling: Tay Crossing to Ballinluig Transport Scotland 28/05/2024 05/07/2024 View
Temporary Agency Staff THE ASSOCIATION OF NORTH EAST COUNCILS LIMITED 28/05/2024 05/08/2024 View
Supply of Uniform and Workwear Berneslai Homes Limited 28/05/2024 02/07/2024 View
Pre-tender Engagement Session for upcoming Modular Buildings (MB3) Framework Scottish Procurement Alliance (SPA) 28/05/2024 16/09/2024 View
Manufacture, Supply and Install LNG Liquid and Gas phase pipework on Vessel 802 Ferguson Marine (Port Glasgow) Ltd 25/05/2024 06/06/2024 View
Provision of a Facilities Management Service CPI (Centre for Process Innovation) 25/05/2024 20/06/2024 View
The Handy Person Scheme Westmorland and Furness Council 25/05/2024 17/06/2024 View
X-Ray Diffractometer at Lancaster University Lancaster University 25/05/2024 17/06/2024 View
Provision of Agency Workers and Recruitment Services LANCASHIRE RENEWABLES LIMITED 25/05/2024 30/05/2024 View
UKAEA - RAICo - Robotic Glovebox Process Cell -Design & Build United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority 25/05/2024 19/06/2024 View
Citadels Project – University of Cumbria University of Cumbria 25/05/2024 24/06/2024 View
Bro Tathan - High Voltage Power Connection Llywodraeth Cymru / Welsh Government 25/05/2024 01/10/2024 View
STEP Engineering Partner and Construction Partner United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority 25/05/2024 12/07/2024 View
High Vacuum Specialist Extraction Systems KBS Maritime Ltd 25/05/2024 24/06/2024 View
Leadership Development Programmes The University of Edinburgh 25/05/2024 03/07/2024 View
Supervised Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) System Supplier Request AWE PLC 25/05/2024 27/09/2024 View
HR Support West of England Combined Authority 25/05/2024 24/06/2024 View
Manufactured Products Agile Spares (MPAS) Sellafield Limited 25/05/2024 07/06/2024 View
GB-Banbury: CFO022-007 HR Transformation Programme Manager Waste & Resources Action Programme 25/05/2024 14/06/2024 View
Structural & Civil Engineering Consultancy (Minor Works up to £1m) UNIVERSITY OF SHEFFIELD 25/05/2024 28/06/2024 View
Structural & Civil Engineering Consultancy (Major Works Over £1m) UNIVERSITY OF SHEFFIELD 25/05/2024 28/06/2024 View
M&E Engineering Consultancy (Major Works Over £1m) UNIVERSITY OF SHEFFIELD 25/05/2024 28/06/2024 View
Business Growth Hub ITT AI & Cyber Security Workshop Programme The Growth Company 25/05/2024 06/06/2024 View
Learning and Training Services DPS Crown Commercial Service 25/05/2024 29/09/2025 View
Leadership and Management Formal Learning North Wales Shared Services Partnership 25/05/2024 24/06/2024 View
ESS Machining Station Floor Plates EU SUPPLY LIMITED 23/05/2024 13/06/2024 View