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Awards 2024

Hospitality Sells

There are lots of well-established hospitality businesses delivering excellent service and food across Cumbria and The Lakes. Competition is high. This training course is ideal for anyone who works in your business but especially front of house or anyone associated with improving their performance such as managers, leaders or trainers.

Maximising sales, increasing average spend per head and improving selling of additional courses is a challenge, especially in financially challenging times. This workshop will address these challenges and help you deal with them now and in the future. A fantastic investment at the start of a holiday season.

Why attend this workshop?

1. Your front of house teams may deliver a fantastic guest experience but might be reluctant to ‘sell’
2. You may have some inconsistency between servers
3. You’d like to make additional sales in your business maximising the amount of money each guest spends
4. You’d like to develop a sales mentality and improve sales performance in your front of house teams
5. You want to safeguard future performance by generating a responsibility for the important numbers in your business among your team

By the end of this workshop all delegates will:

1. Understand sales and human behaviour around this subject
2. Develop a sales mentality and be able to improve sales performance
3. Have the ability to enhance the guest experience through improved engagement
4. Be able to bring your menu to life and make excellent recommendations
5. Know how to increase average spend per head selling more courses such as starters and desserts
6. Learn some simple, easy (secret) techniques to improve sales
7. Have extended practice time so that you leave ‘ready to go’
8. Be able to help you safeguard future performance helping other team members sell more

What do I need to bring?

1. All of your menu’s
2. Information on anything else you’d like to sell more of
3. A random object or two from your home or workplace. The more random the better. Really random, we dare you!

Event Details

  • Date & Time: 25 June 2024 from 9:30 - 16:30
  • Add to your calendar
  • Venue: Cumbria Tourism, Windermere Road, Staveley, Kendal LA8 9PL
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