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How to Start Your Own Podcast

Discover all things podcasting: learn how to plan, write and publish your own podcast.

This new exciting medium has the power to connect with new and existing customers and clients, raise your profile and boost visibility for your product, service or project.

Starting from scratch you’ll develop your ideas into a fully-fledged podcast which you’ll learn to produce in this day-long workshop.

You will explore podcasting structure, production and publication with hands-on learning including demos, practical exercises and real-world case studies.

This online workshop is led by veteran broadcast journalist, award-winning radio documentary maker and podcast producer Rob Cave.

With 20 years’ experience at the BBC working on programmes such as File on 4, You and Yours and 5 Live Investigates he brings his world-class skills to the course which covers:

  • What is a podcast: fact from fiction.
  • Why podcasts matter; why are you podcasting? and secrets to success.
  • What kind of podcast do you want to make: chat or narrative?
  • The three stages of making all podcasts: pre-production, recording and editing.
  • Podcast practicalities: tips about what language works best in audio, recording using a smartphone, how to edit well and tips, hints and hacks for capturing ‘clean’ recordings.
  • The lowdown on various podcast platforms and how to publish on them.

You’ll come away knowing how podcasts work and why, brimming with confidence and ideas and with an understanding of the kit and equipment needed to make a professional-sounding podcast.

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Event Details

  • Host: Cumbria Chamber of Commerce
  • Date & Time: 14 May 2024 from 10:00 - 17:00