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Awards 2022

Jobs To Be Done: Designing Products and Services Your Customers Really Need

Cumbria Innovations Platform in collaboration with Barclays Eagles Labs

Why do certain products and services just click with customers? The secret behind modern start-up success is the Jobs To Be Done method – a way of understanding customer’s motivations even more deeply than they do themselves, and then designing products, services and marketing around that understanding.

Throughout the day, we will explore the JTBD framework and you will have the opportunity to apply the framework to your organisations through interactive workshop sessions:

9.00am Registration and refreshments with time to network

9.30am Introductions and an overview of JTDB fundamentals

10am Defining a Market

10.30am Defining & understanding your customers

11.15am Break for refreshments and networking

11.45am Defining and understanding a Job – JTBD framework

12.15pm Researching Jobs – JTBD Framework

Interactive session on methods and applications

1pm Lunch & Networking

2pm Recap of the morning and interactive session on interview techniques

2.30pm Applying JTBD to your business – defining jobs for your customers

3pm Value Proposition Canvass – Interactive session on finding solutions for jobs (JTBD)

4pm Interactive session: Revising jobs and VP Canvass. Planning to research and implement JTBD.

5pm Close

Book your place:

This event is funded through European Regional Development Funding and is open to Cumbrian SMEs only. ERDF eligibility rules apply, for more information please contact

For more information about Cumbria Innovations Platform (CUSP II), please go to:

This event is for SMEs based in Cumbria with less than 250 FTE employees, turnover less than 50m euros, balance sheet total less than 43m euros.

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Event Details

  • Date: 26 July 2022 -
  • Venue: West Lakes Science Park, Moor Row, Whitehaven
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