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Awards 2024

Marketing Strategy Workshop

This workshop takes a hands-on approach into learning and understanding what elements are required to develop a well-planned, actionable and measurable marketing plan for a business, whether they are a startup or SME. It includes advice on setting marketing goals, tools to help carry out market and audience research, recommendations for the most relevant channels for their business and what tactics and actions they should consider to successfully reach and convert their audience.. Participants will be given our interactive marketing strategy document which sets out each stage of planning their marketing. They will learn how to develop integrated, on and offline marketing campaigns and understand which tactics, resources and budget is required to help them achieve their overall business and marketing goals.

The participant will learn:

  • The importance of research – competitor analysis, audience research and SWOT analysis.
  • How to establish appropriate marketing objectives, linking to their overall business goals.
  • How to define a suitable target audience and how to build a customer persona for their customers using our simple templates
  • How to structure and develop an effective marketing strategy for their business
  • Setting out a multi-channel activity plan, including the different channels (traditional print, PR, email marketing, website, social media, PPC & Paid Social, etc.) budgeting and allocating resources. They will be provided with a planning gantt chart template for implementation.
  • Understand the different stages of a customer buying cycle and what actions/content is required to move your customers down the funnel.
  • How to use monitoring tools to track the success of your campaigns and return on investment.

Deliverables & Takeaways

  1. Interactive marketing strategy template
  2. Competitor analysis template & audience persona building template
  3. Marketing activity planning template, with scheduling, resources, budget allocation and monitoring.
  4. Customer buying cycle guide

Online Registration Link:

Event Details

  • Host: Cumbria Chamber of Commerce
  • Date & Time: 3 July 2024 from 9:30 - 16:00