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Awards 2023

Sales, Pricing and Profit

Demystifying sales and building the tools for profitable actions. Sales is fun and enjoyable if you understand how to do it right. There are a few simple steps to successful selling and participants will learn what these are and how to apply them. This workshop will help attendees to love sales by serving their customers better.

This workshop will help participants to define and understand the fundamentals of selling via framing the sales process with two basic models (the Sales Cycle and a Sales forecasting model) whilst also exploring how to develop the necessary sales skills.

Participants are reminded that sales is not just a numbers game. The better they target their ideal customers and understand their needs and wants, the more sales they will make. A core focus is on helping them build a pricing approach to support sustained profitable sales. We introduce and define the terms – price, cost, and value. These are integral to understanding how to work out a break-even point within a business.

Attendees will leave feeling more confident about sales and where it supports and fits with the other functions of their business. The trainer is an experienced salesperson, across multiple markets and sectors, who can share those experiences, whilst also being a small business owner himself. He has helped thousands of small businesses to fall in love with sales and have more fun selling.

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