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Awards 2024

Sales Theory

Join us for a comprehensive sales theory course covering:
1. The most important part of selling
2. Types of selling
3. The buyer journey
4. Structuring the sales conversation
5. Building a pitch
6. Objection handling
By the end of this training delegates will:

  • understand that every interaction is an opportunity to create positive connections;
  • understand a range of approaches to selling
  • will have practised building rapport and aligning their product / service to their client’s / stakeholder’s needs
  • will know how to create business plans / account management plans / relationship management plans that can generate long term growth

Delivered by Ian Graham of Swayed Greyhound

Online Registration Link:

Event Details

  • Host: Cumbria Chamber of Commerce
  • Date & Time: 16 July 2024 from 9:30 - 16:30