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Awards 2024

The Role of the Director

Why attend this training day

  • Develop a thorough understanding of director duties and legal responsibilities
  • Acquire practical strategies to effectively fulfil the role of a director and safeguard both personal and organisational interests
  • Build confidence in addressing boardroom challenges and navigating complex corporate environments
  • Gain essential knowledge on board functions, roles of board members, and corporate governance best practices
  • Enhance awareness of statutory requirements and compliance obligations
  • Explore real-world scenarios to grasp the nuances of corporate decision-making and risk management
  • Understand the importance of mitigating legal risks
  • Learn how to conduct efficient and productive board meetings while adhering to best practices
  • Receive insights into maintaining a balance between strategic direction and operational management within the organisation
  • Empower yourself with the tools and knowledge necessary to advance your career as a current or aspiring director


With a focus on real-world scenarios, this course provides an understanding of director duties and legal responsibilities. Current and aspiring directors will gain insight into how to carry out the role effectively, and to protect themselves and the organisation from potential liabilities.

You’ll leave with confidence to tackle boardroom challenges, and equipped to take your career to the next level.

Content includes:

✓ How the board functions

✓ Board members’ roles – identifying the differences between direction, management and ownership
✓ An overview of statutory books
✓ How to run an effective board meeting, and deliver best practice in the boardroom
✓ Corporate variety
✓ The legal role of directors and trustees, and their compliance
✓ Companies Act 2006
✓ A director’s guide to staying out of jail

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Event Details

  • Host: Cumbria Chamber of Commerce
  • Date & Time: 20 November 2024 from 10:00 - 16:00