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Adapt & Evolve Consultancy

Adapt & Evolve Consultancy is here to work hard with you to help you and your business thrive, grow and be the best in your field. Adaptation and evolution are essential for survival and growth.

Adapt Evolve Consultancy

Company Profile

Adapt & Evolve Consultancy came together to provide support to businesses that wish to reduce their sickness rates, improve their performance and help with good staff retention. Our services are straight forward, effective and bespoke. We have a unique approach to reducing staff sickness through our engaging evidence-based workshops on how stress affects the body, led by Dr Zoe Billings. These workshops are complimented by our work on leadership, teamwork, psychological safety, resilience, decision making and problem solving. We provide a coaching service to support your employment and personal development and we are qualified to provide mediation in the workplace. We use our significant operational, tactical and strategic experience to support your staff perform at their best, blending proven theory with demonstrable knowledge. Our 100% satisfaction rates show how our clients value our approach and recognise the financial, personal and performance benefits that we provide to businesses across the UK.

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Mark Pannone


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