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Cumbria Action For Sustainability

We're Cumbria's climate change charity. We run practical sustainability projects to cut the county's carbon footprint and work towards our vision of a zero carbon Cumbria.

Cumbria Action For Sustainability

Company Profile

Our vision is a zero carbon Cumbria which is socially, environmentally, and economically beneficial for all. We aim to achieve this by promoting and facilitating low carbon living and its benefits - inspiring and supporting individuals, communities, and organisations across Cumbria and beyond to decarbonise their lives and businesses by 2037 or sooner. Here at CAfS, we support a fair transition to zero carbon, one where no one is left behind. We know that we can fight climate change best by working together; safeguarding our world for present and future generations to come. To achieve this, we are focussing on the following key areas: - Zero Carbon Cumbria Partnership- bringing together people, organisations and decision makers from all sectors to drive down carbon emissions across Cumbria to net zero by 2037; - Education and training- raising climate awareness in homes, schools and businesses to inspire and support change. This includes our work with young people, helping them to get their voices heard; - Communities- supporting them to reduce the carbon footprint of their area by implementing low carbon solutions that matter to them. - Energy – offering advice and practical support to homes, businesses and communities to increase energy efficiency and comfort, install renewables and reduce bills. This includes our Cold to Cosy Homes scheme which reaches hundreds of people each year at risk of fuel poverty; - Food - engaging with producers to implement sustainable agricultural practices and working with consumers to bring local, low carbon food to our tables.

Primary Contact

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Caroline Turner

Development Manager

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Helena Davies

Marketing Manager


Eden Rural Foyer, Old London Rd, Penrith.
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