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Environmental Services

Forests With Impact

An industry-led, innovative social enterprise. Creating opportunities by establishing commercial tree nurseries in prisons

Company Profile

Forests With Impact establishes commercial tree nurseries in prisons. It gives hope, pride and purpose to prisoners. By growing the seeds to saplings, through paid training placements and Release on Temporary Licence (ROTL) roles, prisoners earn an income ready for their release and gain horticultural experience and qualifications. This helps their resettlement journey to better reintegrate into society and equips them with a skillset to meet a skills shortage area. The saplings are sold to create forests, taking positive climate action steps to meet the Government’s tree planting targets and help create nature positive spaces across the UK. The surplus income is reinvested to provide targeted training and community resources for the prison and the local community. The Forests With Impact model tackles local employment and skill development challenges, whilst being a powerful force for environmental change, community development and changing people’s lives. By growing trees we are building futures.

Primary Contact

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Sarah MacGregor

Programme Lead


5 Parr Lane, Eccleston, Chorley, England,