Adamedia – Video Production & Aerial Photography
Bridge End House, Braysides, Beckermet, Cumbria, CA21 2YL
Telephone: 01946 841625
Telephone: 07561 346349

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Adamedia – Video Production & Aerial Photography


Specialising in Aerial Filming & Photography, Adamedia is a new dynamic videography company based in West Cumbria. The team combines a long established connection in nuclear with videography experience in the corporate and hospitality events sectors. Intelligent use of a UAV Aerial Platform opens up new horizons for business promotion.

Our aim is to bring a responsive high quality service to Cumbria and Britain’s Energy Coast businesses, working with clients to deliver cost effective solutions. These include Aerial Filming & Photography, Videography & Professional Editing. We are also interested in collaborating with other cluster members to create a stronger business proposition.

Results speak more than words - so we encourage you to view our showreels here:


Creative Aerial Filming

  • Filming in HD 4K@30fps or 1080P@60fps
  • Stills Photography at 12MP
  • Video Production (e.g. promotional packages in support of Websites/Bids/Presentations)

Aerial (Remote Access) Inspection

  • Project Construction & Site Development
  • Buildings, Roofs, Land, Rivers, Coastline
  • Insurance Inspections

Videography & Photography (Ground based)

  • Supporting Events, Weddings & Sporting activities
  • Business support (e.g. bid work, promotional, training, interview/recruitment)
  • Bespoke projects
  • Ronin Steadicam

Post Production

  • Edit Suite (Industry standard - Premiere Pro & Final Cut)
  • Soundtrack sync
  • Media Export 


We would be delighted to demonstrate what we do, and how we work with you to bring a more innovative approach to how you visually communicate your business. 

Where to find us

Contact Name: Keith Pearson, Director (Business Development)

Telephone: 01946 841625

Telephone: 07561 346349


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Adamedia – Video Production & Aerial Photography