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, Kendal, Cumbria,
Telephone: 07971 554316

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Anchor Point


Working with organisations to support staff wellbeing and effectiveness.

As pressure increases in work and everyday life, it helps to provide support to staff to stay balanced, resilient and focused. Anchor point offers mindfulness, combined with other relevant tools to support focus, safety, resilience, wellbeing,work-life balance and effective team working.

Health and Safety is a given in all workplaces, but the benefits of supporting good mental, as well as physical health, have only recently been fully recognised. Mindfulness provides a proven means of supporting mental wellbeing. Anchor Point deliver Mindfulness training in a grounded, professional and evidence-based way.

We have been running courses with EDF nuclear professionals at Heysham 1 and 2 since 2017. Martin, the key facilitator, has a background in training and applying Mindfulness in workplaces. He is on the Register of UK based Mindfulness Teachers.


  • Supporting wellbeing, resilience and balance within workforces
  • Enhancing focus, safety, clear thinking and clear communication
  • Working with clients of any size across the North of England
  • Experience in the Nuclear sector supporting wellbeing and performance
  • Benchmarking and monitoring the result of interventions around wellbeing and performance.
  • Clients Include EDF, Leeds Building Society, Beaverbrooks


  • Understanding your businesses’ work culture and pressures to provide tailored programmes.
  • One-off workshops to support wellbeing, promote effectiveness and enhance safety
  • Bespoke extended training courses to fit your needs
  • Conference talks and Wellbeing events

We're here looking for:

  • Conversations with businesses interested in these services
  • Partners to explore the potential link between human performance safety approaches and Mindfulness.

Contact Name: Martin Summerfield, Owner and Lead Facilitator

Telephone: 07971 554316


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