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CN Group – Choose Cumbria


Choose Cumbria is an award-winning multi-media marketing initiative that brings together businesses and organisations looking to build their workforces for the future.

Huge investments in the energy, defence and life sciences sectors will bring significant benefits to Cumbria but also challenges, particularly when it comes to workforce.

Large numbers of new jobs, coupled with an ageing workforce, will create a significant gap that needs to be filled if Cumbria is to reach its full potential. Experts agree Cumbria must attract people to relocate and return while also retaining its young people.

By joining forces under the Choose Cumbria brand, our partners are showcasing the wide variety of careers on offer to tens of thousands of people from across the UK and further afield; sending out a strong and positive message that there are long-term opportunities for them, their partners and children in a place that boasts a superb quality of life.

You too can become part of the family and promote Cumbria as THE place of choice to work, live, learn, play and do business.

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CN Group – Choose Cumbria