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Herons Way , Chester Business Park, Chester, CH4 9QR
Telephone: +44 1244 893221
Telephone: +44 7810 100876

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Codra Software Limited


Codra is a provider of high quality, robust SCADA/HMI software solutions proven in the nuclear industry. Our Panorama platform offers a scalable digital transformation tool with cybersecurity and safety capabilities. With our platform, you will be able to design, using our unique development tool, as many applications as you want using the latest technologies to improve productivity and reduce time and cost.

With 30+ years of experience under our belt, working with many of the biggest companies in the nuclear sector across the world, we are highly attuned to the industry's requirements and take pride in offering solutions that are robust, secure, sustainable and innovative.


Codra is a French company specialized in industrial information technology, we ensure our international presence through Codra Software Limited, based in Manchester UK. With success stories and case studies across the five continents, we are proud to have our roots in the French nuclear industry making our products designed to be both robust and durable with a guarantee of forward compatibility.

We offer an open and generic solution in order to address a wide range of industries including BMS, FM, public transportation, energies (nuclear, coal and renewables), water production & distribution, sanitation, and any manufacturing, goods, chemicals and pharmaceutical, food and beverages…

Our Panorama Suite is standalone, combinable and complementary software: a communication gateway that comes with a host of standard protocols, a SCADA platform for real time operational performance and a Historian application for the non-real time analysis with some powerful reporting tools.

Every piece of software in our suite is based on the same design workshop to create simplicity. With an open design it is fully object-oriented and open to any customized extensions you may want to add in to the product. We can easily integrate additional functionality so that it behaves like native features. This could be a scientific calculation module or a specific graphic representation. It is also possible to configure an application automatically through an importation tool saving a huge amount of engineering time.


Codra brings its expertise to reduce risk and ensure the success of any project we work on. We are convinced our SCADA product fits perfectly to Britain’s energy market, local industries and state-owned entities can hugely benefit from a Panorama based solution. It can handle the entire business: energy production, transportation & distribution, local process to entire manufacturing monitoring, facility management, Geo-SCADA, etc…, with a unified and open platform rather than going through different specialized solutions. In addition, you can trust our skilled system integrator partner network and capitalize on the experience from overseas as well.

We're here looking for:

The BECBC gives us the opportunity to be part of something bigger than us. Joining the cluster has already brought us new opportunities and the chance to show our innovative work on some exciting projects and establish some new partners in Cumbria and the wider nuclear sector across the UK.

We’d love to speak with you about how we can advise on subjects such as Cyber Security, harnessing powerful analytics and reporting tools, Industrial IoT and how we are implementing our new Panorama Mobile Application to create a truly mobile workforce. 

We are proud to be a member of the BECBC and if you see us at any events please say hello we’d love to speak with you.

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Contact Name: James Burgess, Sales Manager

Telephone: +44 1244 893221

Telephone: +44 7810 100876


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