Debonair Languages Cumbria
2 Tree Terrace, Tree Road, Brampton, Cumbria, CA8 1TY
Telephone: 01697 508145
Telephone: 07733 017058

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Debonair Languages Cumbria


At Debonair Languages Cumbriaour vision statement is: “We exist to connect people through language”. As a company that specializes in translation, interpretation and website localization (aka transcreation) we are a business ideally suited to facilitate and support the main goals of the cluster. Good translationnot only saves you a lot of time – and a terrible headache – but our personal service also offers you solutions to complex or multi-lingual translations, so that you can achieve your project goals efficiently and on time.

We believe that whilst linguistic and cultural skills are critical, the most important strength of a brilliant translator is the ability to be accurate in the target language.


We can cover almost any language. We can provide professional and specialist (e.g. legal, technical) translators and interpreters who will work to ensure that both the accuracy and intent of any document is maintained throughout the translation process.


We provide translation, interpretation and transcreation services for businesses across the UK. 

We're here looking for:

  • Any business looking to work or currently working with non-English speaking clients or services. 
  • Businesses looking to have their websites translated into other languages that keeps the intent but is appropriately translated to sound natural and professional in target language.
  • Businesses that need to ensure that processes and procedures are accurately communicated to associates/staff/workers where English is not their first language.
  • Businesses looking to get signage translated into a target language

Where to find us

Contact Name: Michelle Rae, Director

Telephone: 01697 508145

Telephone: 07733 017058


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