Entilent Media
Three Chimneys, Salta, Maryport, Cumbria, CA15 6QJ
Telephone: 01900 881770

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Entilent Media


Entilent Media specialises in professional video production for websites, social media channels, television platforms and DVD distribution. We offer a bespoke service, delivering high quality video solutions that will engage and connect with your customers, stakeholders and employees. Our extensive broadcast industry experience and client-focused approach ensures a smooth journey for clients from concept to completion. 


Video is a powerful tool for communication and our goal is to help you harness that power to deliver real benefits for your business or organisation. We don't just turn up and film, we make sure we understand your business and your requirements first, so we can deliver creative video solutions that will reach your target audience, communicate your key messages and achieve your objectives. We produce videos for:

  • marketing campaigns
  • client testimonials
  • product demonstration
  • recruitment
  • site/facility induction
  • training resources
  • health and safety

Entilent Media is run by Val Morgan whose television credits include producing and directing for BBC, ITV and CNN. As Creative Director at Entilent Media, Val brings extensive experience to the job, working independently on smaller shoots and drawing on a talented pool of broadcast professionals for large-scale productions. Sample videos and client testimonials can be viewed on our website. We welcome clients from throughout Cumbria and beyond, so if you would like to discuss your ideas for upcoming projects or find out more about commissioning a video, please feel free to get in touch - we’d be happy to help. 

Contact Name: Val Morgan, Producer/Director

Telephone: 01900 881770


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