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Harrison Network


Coaching and Organisational Development

In our changing world, some things that sets people apart are their ability to work together and challenge the status quo.

The Harrison Network helps make this happen. We harness the power of coaching with simple frameworks, owned by your people and designed to:

Shift mindsets
Change behaviours
Challenge beliefs, attitudes and cultures
Design new futures, and
Inspire leaders

We’ll keep it practical, straightforward and focused on the results that matter to you.

Talk with us; it’ll make sense smile

We are based in Cumbria and have worked with many Cumbrian organisations, big and small, including manufacturing and nuclear organisations on the Energy Coast.  


We coach brilliant individuals – senior executives, future leaders and business owners, giving you time and space to think things through and work out your best course of action.

We develop brilliant behaviours- our suite of Success Frameworks gives you practical tools to enable powerful conversations. The frameworks are flexible and dynamic, with your team learning together, testing them out and taking ownership of the results. The programmes are engaging and innovative, designed to fit the needs of your organisation.

We transform brilliant organisations– We examine motivations, cultures and behaviours to support leaders and workers to challenge the status quo, taking small steps together that make big changes.

We are coaches, facilitators, trainers – call us what you like, we are good at what we do. 


  • Executive, leadership and business coaching
  • Behaviour change courses that are engaging and different and give your teams practical tools to enable powerful conversations:
    - 121 Success Framework
    - Meetings Success Framework
    - Strategic Planning Success Framework
    - Coaching Success Framework 
  • Bespoke Team, Culture and Behaviour development for your organisation.

We're here looking for:

We want to be a part of developing the future disruptive organisations. We want to support the development of our economic community. 

Contact Name: Lucy Harrison, Owner

Telephone: 01768 800244


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