Hydrock Consultants Ltd
Northern Assurance Building, 9-21 Princess Street, Albert Square, Manchester, M2 4DN
Telephone: 07584 134084
Telephone: 0161 804 5550

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Hydrock Consultants Ltd


Hydrock is a multi-disciplinary engineering design consultancy, working within design teams to create high-performing buildings and infrastructure. The company’s nuclear sector specialists are working across the nuclear life-cycle from new build to decommissioning and the safe disposal of radioactive waste. 

We are keen to work to engage with businesses in both our nuclear and non-nuclear business areas so please get in touch!


Our nuclear management specialists are at the forefront of influencing and creating safety, environmental and engineering standards that shape the future of the nuclear industry. We work with new build developers, nuclear site licensees, regulators and the defence sector in the UK and internationally across the nuclear life-cycle. Our engineering specialists deliver the engineering and the design management for the essential infrastructure that supports a nuclear facility, from on-site accommodation blocks to office space, training facilities and associated services, utilities and roads.


  • Safety governance and regulatory interface support
  • Organisational capability
  • Independent peer review
  • Expert advice and challenge
  • Radioactive waste management and decommissioning strategy
  • Disposability strategies and records management
  • Environmental management and assessment
  • Nuclear safety case management and development
  • Engineering design management
  • Civil and structural engineering
  • Site investigations
  • Building performance engineering
  • Highways and transport

We're here looking for:

We enjoy collaborating with partners in the nuclear sector, advising and connecting entrepreneurial businesses to and within the nuclear industry, and creating an industry that is safe, clean and contributes positively to the generation of clean energy to power our economy. 

Where to find us

Contact Name: Ian Alderson, Technical Director (Nuclear)

Telephone: 07584 134084

Telephone: 0161 804 5550


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