Lake Mill Consulting Services Ltd
Millgarth, Ouguterside, Cumbria, CA7 2PY
Telephone: 07789 658231

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Lake Mill Consulting Services Ltd


Providing Business Support and Consultancy in Legislation, Compliance, Audits and System Analysis


System and process analysis, streamlining your business using manual or IT Implementations


  • Business legislation policies and procedures including Data Protection, HR, Compliance and Audits
  • Training in Data Protection for Owners, Managers and Staff
  • Training in Office 365 
  • Helping complete audits and tenders, creating policies etc required

We're here looking for:

Any business looking for a friendly, personal, local company that provides a consultancy and support service in all legislation and processes.

Where to find us

Contact Name: Lorraine Millican, Director

Telephone: 07789 658231


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