MM Creative Solutions
54 St James Street, Liverpool, Merseyside, L1 0AB
Telephone: 03332249737
Telephone: 07408809737

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MM Creative Solutions


MM Creative Solutions is a specialist management consultancy providing services for nuclear and other regulated sectors.

In today’s market the challenges around winning new business can be exacerbated by a lack of qualified resources. Changes in government / a shifting political landscape can impact project funding and increase competition for supply chain opportunities.

We support you and help you navigate through this environment so you can secure new contracts.

Our core focus is simple, we want to help your business grow and achieve its potential.


We appreciate the challenges a growing business faces so we offer tailored solution packages to help you successfully achieve your goals. Utilising our nuclear industry experience, this is delivered via the following services:

  • Bid Services
  • Business Development
  • Independent Peer Review


Business Development

Our Business Development service encompasses: 

  •   Strategic and Operational Business Development, 
  •   Strategic Marketing Communications and 
  •   Organisational Development.

We have experience of identifying the strategic business development activities required to achieve an organisation’s broader mission / vision statement.  Our personnel break the objectives down into targeted and workable operational business development activities. 
Specifically, our personnel have direct experience of developing business development strategies for the nuclear market and identifying the operational tasks required to realise the overall goal. Outputs include: client engagement strategies and plans, identification of market opportunities and market entry support. 


Bid Services

Our Bid Service encompasses:

  • Bid Strategy
  • Bid Writing
  • Bid Management
  • Bid Training

Bid Strategy, Bid Management and Bid Writing

  • Our personnel have experience of interpreting bid requirements, reviewing them against several key factors and utilising the outcome to inform the bid / no bid process.
  • We have developed a winning formula to bid writing: understand the requirements, understand who’ll be reading it and subsequently deliver the proposal. Our experienced bid writers work well in integrated teams, drawing out vital information from subject matter experts.
  • Our personnel have experience of the management of a number of bids for nuclear and highly regulated projects.  We can manage the bid process for you, developing and implementing a delivery plan aligned to your internal governance.
  • We also have experience of post bid reviews and the development of improved bid response material.

Bid Training

We offer training across the bid lifecycle. Our bid bootcamp is a 1-day training course that introduces the bid process or serves as a refresher for those who have not received bid training for a while.

Independent Peer Review

Our Independent Peer Review Service does exactly that. We review work scopes from an independent perspective. Our approach is underpinned by the experience of our personnel who have led feasibility studies and delivered: engineering, technical, non-technical and project reviews in the nuclear sector.  Outputs include workable improvement and action plans.

Where to find us

Contact Name: Monica Mwanje, Managing Director

Telephone: 03332249737

Telephone: 07408809737


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