National Skills Academy for Nuclear (NSAN)
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National Skills Academy for Nuclear (NSAN)


Our Mission:  we are dedicated to improving skills in the nuclear industry by setting the highest standards of excellence, leading the sourcing and provision of solutions and expanding our sector’s capabilities.  We will achieve this by working collaboratively to deliver outstanding levels of service and enhancing the value we provide to members. 

"With almost a decade at the forefront of strategic skills development, NSAN is evolving in order to provide even more focussed support to our members to help them effectively address the ever-increasing skills challenges and opportunities presented by the strategic skills plan of the Nuclear Skills Strategy Group (NSSG) and the growth both in the domestic and international nuclear markets".  Jean Llewellyn OBE, Chief Executive, NSAN

NSAN is led and driven by its Employer Advisory Board.  All Advisory Board members have been nominated by industry and have a key role in working collectively to address the skills challenges faced by members of NSAN and representing the views of the broader industry and its supply chain. The Advisory Board Chair is the Supply Chain representative on the Nclear Skills Strategy Group (NSSG) to ensure effective two way dialogue.

NSAN’s High Quality Provider Network is tasked with delivering excellence in skills for nuclear.  The network has been developed to encompass a range of high quality provision that geographically covers the whole of the UK Nuclear Industry.




NSAN has an extensive employer membership from across the breadth of the nuclear industry (civil and defence).  It works with its members to respond to the skills needs across the sector.  NSAN puts its employers at the forefront of skills solutions that are tailored for their specific needs – enabling skills development for the nuclear industry, by the nuclear industry.

The NS4P - A Skills & Competence Management System - "Sustaining Skills for a Safe & Secure Nuclear Future" -

The competencies in the NSAN 'Master Framework' have been developed and agreed by organisations in the nuclear supply chain and site licence companies.  They have been created in three distinct areas based around skills, knowledge and behaviours. The Skills Passport element of NS4P provides a complete repository of an individuals competence assessments, training records and qualifications.  It can be accessed by the individual and managed for them by nominated personnel in their organisation.

The Nuclear Training Network - an online learning environment for nuclear companies to collectively host training and learning materials for sharing across the nuclear industry -

NSAN works with its High Quality Provider Network, (HQPN) to ensure they are able to provide quality training, including apprenticeships, foundation degrees, HNDs, degrees, higher degrees, and other training courses, as requested by employers.

Where provision does not meet the industry’s need NSAN has worked with its members and industry to develop a portfolio of products and services available via HQPN, as below:

Training & Development

Higher Level development

The Certificate of Nuclear Professionalism - the industry benchmark for a nuclear professional and is a higher educational programme designed to equip individuals with the necessary skills required for today’s professional working within the nuclear industry -

Vocational and Technical development

. Award for Nuclear Industry Awareness - designed with industry involvement to provide people who are embarking on a career in the nuclear sector with a foundation level of understanding of the industry and its specific requirements - 

. Triple Bar Existing Sites -  is focused at a fundamental level to introduce the requirements for compliance, nuclear awareness and industry behaviours for working in the nuclear industry.

. Triple Bar Nuclear New Build - developed in collaboration with EDF Energy and eOrigen to provide individuals with a basic level of understanding about some of the important aspects about working in nuclear -

Triple Bar Nuclear Security - designed to provide industry-wide e-learning to transfer fundamental nuclear security knowledge to a broad, global audience -

. Triple Bar Nuclear Manufacturing - provides Nuclear Manufacturers with a basic introduction to nuclear industry expectations in terms of knowledge, quality and behaviours -

. Nuclear Specific Training courses for the manufacturing industry, eg, Introductions to RCC-M & RCC-E, ASME for Nuclear Indoctrination, Measurement & Inspection Techniques etc


NSAN works with employer organisations to help them ensure that they have the competent, resilient and skilled workforce they need to take advantage of the opportunities available in the nuclear industry.  Member benefits include the direct support of your local Operations Manager to work with you to determine the areas of support needed by your organisation, eg, in areas such as strategic leadership and coordination; organisational support, funding and discounts, staff development opportunites. 

NSAN works with provider organisations to help them demonstrate their achievement and commitment to high quality training and provision; raise their profile as a provider of choice for the nuclear Industry; gain a market advantage by delivering the courses/qualifications the industry wants; be able to take part in the development and delivery of NSAN products and services; gain support, links and market intelligence through your relationship with NSAN.  

By working with your local Operations Manager, it is possible to explore which opportunities and benefits will best suit the needs of your organisation.

We're here looking for:

To support employer and provider organisations who wish to develop their understanding and skills in 'nuclear' and maximise the opportunities in the nuclear sector.

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Contact Name: Dawn Broad, Business Development Manager

Telephone: 07720 737505


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