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Nuvia Ltd


Nuvia Limited is an international engineering, project management and services contractor bringing nuclear expertise to a number of highly regulated industries including; nuclear, defence, science and research and oil and gas.

With roots that can be traced back to the dawn of the nuclear industry Nuvia’s rich heritage is reflected in the broad range of services offered and is the reason that our customers trust us to develop and implement solutions to their most complex challenges. In the UK and internationally we have been at the forefront of our industry and have developed a reputation for safe, high quality delivery.

Our references include being the only UK Company to have successfully completed the decommissioning of a Cat 1 facility and to have designed, built, and operated an ILW encapsulation plant. Nuvia is also responsible for providing Sellafield Ltd with the scheme design, R&D, safety case and proving trials for Silo’s Direct encapsulation Plant (SDP), one of the UK’s largest legacy waste projects.

Internationally Nuvia provides programme management, consultancy and radiological protection services to a wide range of commercial clients, government bodies and international agencies including the European Bank for Restoration and Development (EBRD) and the Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC) and International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). The ability to provide a responsive service to a global market is possible through Nuvia’s access to a world-wide network of resources, including Europe’s largest health physics team.

The Group’s global footprint spans the UK, Europe, India, Canada, China and the Middle East, with a series of local offices set up to respond to our customers. The Group employs over 2500 staff world-wide, with a turnover of more than €215 million per annum.
Nuvia also benefits from being the nuclear division of Soletanche Freyssinet, a world leader in specialised civil and geotechnical engineering, and a wholly owned subsidiary of VINCI, the world’s largest integrated concessions and construction group.


Nuvia offers a range of services in support of the full project life cycle. Our experience and expertise at the front end of a project enables us to define the overall strategy and develop initial concepts to give our customer confidence in a workable solution.

Once we have demonstrated the effectiveness of our solutions to our client we are able to use our engineering design and technical consulting capabilities to develop scheme designs with supporting safety and environmental justification.

Post scheme design we offer a full engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) model, to enable full project realisation right through installation and commissioning.

Nuvia’s operational capability provides a comprehensive service in support of plant operations, maintenance, life extension and waste management. The service also includes a wide range of decontamination, decommissioning, demolition activities and site remediation work.

Nuvia has developed a focused product catalogue offering our customers access to a range of off the shelf products, materials and design solutions as a cost effective way to tackle a variety of requirements within a radiological environment. The extensive product range offers solutions for plant life extension, component and facility design, fire protection, radiological monitoring and a number of tailored training packages for highly regulated industries.

Fact File

  •  One of the UK’s largest nuclear engineering resources
  •  Europe’s biggest supplier of health physics services
  •  The only UK company to have decommissioned a CAT 1 facility
  •  The only private UK company to have designed built and operated a ILW encapsulation plant
  •  A global footprint, with experience of all major nuclear markets
  •  Supporting all areas of the nuclear fuel cycle
  •  Experience of all nuclear sectors: Defence, Legacy, Civil Power and Research
  •  Providing bulk monitoring to clients since 1998


  • Successfully monitored over 40,000 packages of segregated waste in to appropriate waste streams for clients
  • 16 consecutive RoSPA Gold awards resulting in 2 consecutive RoSPA Order of Distinction Awards

We're here looking for:

Nuvia has over 100 local employees including our apprentice and graduate scheme members.  Our regional presence has enabled us to form effective partnerships across the West Cumbrian supply chain as well as making long-term commitments to community projects in alliance with the Cumbria Community Foundation.

Nuvia has been a supporter of the Britain’s Energy Coast Business Cluster (BECBC) since 2003, when it was set-up to address concerns regarding the impact of decommissioning of civil nuclear facilities on the local supply chain and the wider economy. As a member of BECBC we are looking for opportunities to build and maintain relationships with local businesses which will enable us to provide the most effective solutions for our customers. We are also looking to ensure that our socio-economic commitment continues to be targeted at projects which will bring the most significant benefit to the area.

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Contact Name: Chris Medlock, Corporate Communications Manager

Telephone: +44 (0)1235 514883

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